Alan from Woodstock

We spend so much time in our back yard and we were tired of mulch getting all over and things looking messy.  The borders have really added to our yard.  They have helped with our water run-off issues and have kept the mulch in the landscaping beds.  Georgia Borders actually formed custom concrete drains around our French drain outlets.  They integrated them seamlessly with the curbing.  We love sitting on our deck now because our back yard looks like a park.

Woodstock, Georgia




Chad from Acworth

Made my yard look GREAT! Wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from. The quality work is much better than our neighbors curbing who had a competitor do their install. Really glad we choose Georgia Borders.


Acworth, Georgia



Tabitha from Suwanee

A few days ago you installed some borders in our front yard and around our berm and trees.  I just thought I would let you know that since then, we have had neighbors call and inquire about them and our UPS delivery man told us how incredible they look when he came to deliver a package (and he must see a lot of yards!!).  We are very happy with your services and wanted to pass it on!


Suwanee, Georgia


Frank from Atlanta

I’ve had Georgia Borders come out five different times to install curbing in my yard.  I love how clean my landscape beds stay with the curbing around them.  I love to do yard work and just kept adding landscaped beds and features.  Each time I finished I had Georgia Borders there to add the concrete edging around the new area.  I like to do my own yard maintenance and the borders really cut down on my edging time.  I don’t have to worry about mulch or rocks being flicked in my face.  The borders have added a really nice accent while also helping with maintenance.


Atlanta, Georgia 


Dave from Woodstock

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the borders in our yard.  Your professionalism and expertise was apparent in the perfect job you did.  It has been a pleasure dealing with someone who did what they said you would do.  This includes everything from the start to the completion of our project.  Again, the borders are awesome and a wonderful accent in the yard.


Woodstock, Georgia


Michelle from Woodstock

E-mails sent to a neighbor inquiring about landscape curbing

I can also recommend them (Georgia Borders)… the product is great!  And, the final bill was actually less than they quoted us!!  Most people would not be so honest!
Loretta- Woodstock GA (Curbing installed in 2004)

We too used Georgia Borders when we first moved in 2002.  It has held up very well and we are pleased with the results.  In the near future, we are hoping to have them come out and do more.

Woodstock GA